Mulberry Extra A1 sliver / Silk 100% / 100gram

Mulberry Extra A1 sliver / Silk 100% / 100gram


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Composition : Silk 100%

1package 100gram (1meter 6gram)


Silk HASEGAWA’s Mulberry Extra A1 sliver is different from the multi-purpose silk sliver which is generally sold.

We use Extra KIBISO that was especially collected in order to spinning the ultra-fine HASEGAWA yarn such like 2/240Nm or 2/210Nm.

Therefore whiteness, brightness is much better with very few neps.

Please select "No cut" if you wish all connected sliver by purchasing several packages.

Otherwise we will send 100gram cut sliver in each package.

The maximum order quantity without cutting is 4000 grams. Please enter 40 (package).

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