<Stock available only sale>STIFFY CC4 / COTTON YARN / 25gram

<Stock available only sale>STIFFY CC4 / COTTON YARN / 25gram


Item #: HK3003-CC4
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Composition : Cotton100%

Weight : Lace

1ball 25gram : 212meter

This is GIMA cotton twisted yarn which is Viscose processed.

It is the specially processed yarn with a fresh and cool feeling and has excellent features in moisture absorption and evaporation.

The production process of this yarn is to immerse the material yarn into the special liquid of fiber mixed quality, and finishing it with taped shape or to finish with dry touch feeling.

The number of the factories that can carry out such special process is very limited.

That's why our GIMA cotton made from various types of material yarn attracts attention of world over brand customers.

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