Silk Body Care Brush

Silk Body Care Brush


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Materials:Brush - 50% silk, 50% PBT
Frame : Natural wood
Size: W71×D92×H62 mm


Ultra-fine silk makes this body care brush.
Silk that still contains sericin* has an abundance of beauty ingredients in it.

This is great for gently dry-brushing your hands and feet before a bath or bed. Massaging with the brush improves blood circulation and removes excess keratin.

* Sericin is a natural protein found in silk that has a moisturizing function.
 Normally, it is removed when silk is processed.

The brush tip's delicate curvature is created by the same artisanal skills which produce Kumano brushes, famous cosmetic brushes with distinguished, time-tested Japanese techniques.

The wooden frame is made from Japanese wood, and it has an oval shape that fits easily in the hand. Thin glass coatings applied to the wood surface increase longevity.

This body care brush radiates the natural warmth of handcraftsmanship.


■After use care
-Comb carefully from the bottom to the tip of hair with a brush cleaner.
-Wipe off sebum dirt on the tip with soaked alcohol or ethanol and well
wrung out cloth.

-Do not rinse to maintain the shape of the tip.
-Natural wood has a tendency to bend or warp depending on using environment.

Please consider it (them) before use.

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