Silk 100% circular knitted jersey cut cloth RAW WHITE / 2meters

Silk 100% circular knitted jersey cut cloth RAW WHITE / 2meters


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Composition : Silk 100%

Width : 140 centimeters


"I have sensitive skin, so I can't wear commercial underwear comfortably..."

For those customers, we have developed a natural and skin-friendly silk fabric to reduce the burden on the skin as much as possible.
- 100% silk and no synthetic fibers are used.
- Since silk is a natural fiber, there are usually impurities and contamination, which are usually removed with chemicals. However, this product does not remove them and delivers them as natural.
- Yarn and fabrics are not dyed.
- 28-gauge ultra-dense jersey fabric is super gentle on the skin. 

It is a discerning fabric that can only be made by a silk specialty store. Please sew and wear this fabric and spend your daily life comfortably.  

* Please note the following for the concept of "delivering as natural".

・Because it is a delicate knit fabric, there are twists, wrinkles, fluffing, and other yarn jumping in.
・Gumming of the fabric selvedge cannot be used. (Not included in effective width.)
Please note that there is no problem in sewing and wearing the above.
140cm width, 158g/m
<About the handling of the fabric>

・Dry cleaning is recommended.
・There is a possibility that it will shrink about 12% in the vertical direction when washed, so we recommend running it through water before cutting.
・Please note that silk is very fragile when wet, and repeated washing may cause whitening, which causes white streaks. 


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