how to care of Grace

<No need to water through before.>

Grace is already washed and finished in the fabric. In addition, a
special tender press that gives luster is given. So there is no need to
water through before making your work.

<Avoid using the washing machine.>

Silk is very weak in a wet condition, it easily happens "whitening
phenomenon" which is fuzzy white and streaky. We recommend dry cleaning
or hand wash.

<Hand wash>

1) Put it in the laundry net and gently wash by your hands.
2) Do not twist but wrap in a bath towel roughly to squeeze the water and
press down.
3) Do not tumble dry (drum type).
4) After dehydration, please keep the shape of the work and dry in the shade.
5) Direct sunlight will cause "color fade / color fading", please avoid.
6) Do not hit the iron directly.
7) Be sure to finish with steaming lightly from the back side while
steaming out. Please note that if you press it strongly it markedly
damages the texture.

* When leaving the silk in a moist state, color shifts to other in a
short time even at low temperature.
* Silk with hot water of 30 ℃ or more, marks
"discoloration, color transfer" occurs.
* Be careful if left in a wet condition, color shifts to other in short
time even at low temperature.